Marketing & Sales Platform
Automate your marketing by leveraging the power of pre-built micro-site funnels for lead generation with integrated email drip campaigns along with customer relationship management tools built on smart technology which allows you to track specific details regarding your lead to determine their potential value. Powered by System Pal™
POWERFUL FEATURES: System Pal™ automatically identifies your website visitors, nurtures your leads, scores their interactions on the website, measures their sales readiness, and notifies you when they are most likely to buy.
Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
The easy-to-use CRM allows you to keep track of every contact. You can easily schedule tasks, keep notes, create tags, add or subtract them from email drip campaigns and view detailed statistics on your lead interactions in real-time!
Collect personal information from your visitors using our very own capture pages professionally designed to build your business.
It takes seconds to add a lead to one of our email drip campaigns. Instantly, you can begin to market the best selling products and opportunity.
Mobile-ready and fully compatible with all browsers and devices, your pages look great no matter where they are viewed from.
Receive real-time lead notifications via email every time a visitor opts in to one of your personalized capture pages.
Premium System Features:
Lead Protection & Rotators
Identify & Attribute Leads Automatically
Need Traffic? Drive more traffic and identify new leads by leveraging our co-op and blog. All unidentified leads and traffic that come to any landing page will automatically be assigned to  subscribers by our built in default rotator.

Stats & Analytics

With advanced stats and reporting, you can reveal the BIG data you collect and put it to work for you. Use the System Pal stats to mine your big data, begin measuring the effectiveness of your sales and marketing strategy, and develop powerful metrics to increase your bottom line sales. 


Apart from the prebuilt drip campaigns that are provided, DOTCAST allows you to create and send your own one-off broadcast emails to your contacts based on the personal messaging and promotions you want them to receive.

Get Social

We provide you with prebuilt social post templates with the appropriate hashtags (#) and shortened URLs, so you can deploy a social media marketing program without formatting or technical skills.
Core Functionality:
Marketing Automation
You can now leverage powerful Lead Scoring, Sales Alerts, Lead-Nurturing Email Campaigns, and a comprehensive sales strategy with no setup required. 

Flag promising prospects in real-time 
System Pal sends you near real-time email sales alerts directly to your inbox based on the lead score and lead stage. This means you get immediate information on your most sales-ready contacts and can schedule sales calls when those contacts are most likely to result in closing new business.
  THINK ABOUT IT: In today’s age of instant information access and fast-paced social content engagement, you need a platform that enables you to share your business effectively and make a lasting connection with your audience. With this system, you can increase your “connection” rates by leaps and bounds!
Easily Identify, monitor, and engage customers..
How Our Digital Optimization Tools Work
System Pal is an end-to-end digital marketing system built for you that allows you to increase sales & grow your Business.

1. Built-For-You Lead Gen Funnels and Microsites

Leverage microsites and squeeze pages offering downloads and videos to generate customers and new associates for your business. Unlock even more pre-built websites to market your business. See website examples »

2. We Give You the Tools to Drive Traffic

We help you leverage the power of social media via our “Get Social” tool. Deploy pre-built social media posts to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

3. Capture Leads and Add Your Own Prospects

Easily add all of your contacts to our system. All you need is an email address. No more fake email addresses with our built-in email and data cleansing.

4. Nurture Your Prospects into Clients Automatically

No setup required! It takes seconds to add a lead to one of our lead nurturing email campaigns. 

5. Real-time Prospect Tracking and Scoring

Gain detailed intelligence on each contact, including page views, repeat visits, length of visit, email opens, videos watched, scores, files downloaded, and more.

6. Instant Sales Alerts Right to Your Inbox

Based on lead score and behavior, you automatically receive an email sales alert that flags a promising prospect in real-time. No waiting.
the technology thAT MAKES IT POSSIBLE
Created by industry professionals with decades of experience, who have put in thousands of hours of research, testing and real-life application, this Marketing System was designed with one universal mission in mind: To help you share your business more effectively, captivate and hold your audience’s attention, better connect with your visitors, and maximize your results.
Powered by System Pal™ - the direct selling industry’s only marketing automation, social media marketing. and customer relationship management platform for independent business owners.

"System Pal will revolutionize the way you identify, monitor, and nurture leads to more efficiently and effectively grow their business."

Partners who choose to take their marketing and lead generation to the next level can upgrade to the Full System Pal Platform for Only $27 per month!
In addition to the replicated micro-sites, you’ll also receive a number of pre-built funnels and landing pages with lead capture functionality. These pages work in tandem with your main website and our team is constantly developing new ones!
When you get access to System Pal you’ll gain access to ALL the pre-designed site pages above, with lead capture functionality, and be able to share them simultaneously! Plus, any new pages our team designs will be included in your membership!
Gain Access To The System and Lead Sources 
starting at $27 per month.
Billed monthly, no setup fee.
  • Manage up to 500 Contacts
  • All Website & Funnels
  • Includes All Email Campaigns w/ Unlimited Sends
  • Ability to Share The Blog 
  • Includes Get Social, Dotcast, Advanced Tracking, Lead Scoring, Alerts, etc. (All Premium Features)
  • 24/7 Online Support
Billed monthly, no set up fee.
  • Manage up to 2500 Contacts
  • All Websites & Funnels
  • Includes All Email Campaigns w/ Unlimited Sends
  • Ability to Share The  Blog 
  • Includes Get Social, Dotcast, Advanced Tracking, Lead Scoring, Alerts, etc. (All Premium Features)
  • 24/7 Online & Phone Support
Billed monthly, no set up fee.
  • Manage up to 7,500 Contacts
  • All Websites & Funnels
  • Includes All Email Campaigns w/ Unlimited Sends
  • Ability to Share The Blog 
  • Includes Get Social, Dotcast, Advanced Tracking, Lead Scoring, Alerts, etc. (All Premium Features)
  • 24/7 Online & Phone Support
Do More for Less. Leverage this amazing system for as little as 90 cents per day. No setup fees and cancel any time!
If you need to manage more than 7,500 contacts, contact support for a high volume plan.
How We Support You
System Pal™ understands that no matter how great our technology is, if you can’t learn how to use it quickly and easily, then you won't get the full value of your investment.

Onboarding is simple, and we provide support including integrated live walk-throughs, video tutorials, articles and more. 
Customer support is available via phone by calling:
(877) 794-8377
Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM CT or by submitting a support ticket within the application. 
Our Address: 
System Pal, LLC
12430 Tesson Ferry Rd Suite 129
St. Louis MO 63128
¹This digital marketing system powered by System Pal is a third-party service offered to Brand Partners. All landing pages and digital materials used as part of this system have been approved by the respective compliance departments.